CABIN tackles tropes and character types that are universal to horror across the ages, which is a big part of why it manages to feel both familiar and fresh at the same time. Do other genres have similar tropes, or does the fact that scary stories have been around as long as there have been fires to gather around make… » 9/19/12 12:53pm 9/19/12 12:53pm

Why Video Games Are the New Pulps

A couple of days ago, the esteemed Charlie Jane Anders looked at the dearth of new, sustaining pop culture heroes and villains. That, with the exception of Harry Potter, we haven't seen a new character with the perceived permanence of a James Bond or a Captain Kirk or Spider-Man — and she blamed it on a lack of a pulp… » 1/26/12 11:21am 1/26/12 11:21am

Why aren't we in a golden age of genre television?

We are, most people would agree, in the midst of a Golden Age of Television. Since the late-1990s, the programming that's been pumped into our homes has been as good as it's ever been — and, in many respects, better than the movies that have long sat atop the Pop Cultural Quality Pile. But why aren't we also in a… » 9/19/11 3:00pm 9/19/11 3:00pm

Fast Five is the superheroes-assemble movie you’ve been waiting for…

It's entirely possible that you haven't been paying attention to the internecine continuity of Universal's Fast and the Furious franchise — the most recent chapter of which, Fast Five, just grossed $83.6 million in its opening weekend. Given that it's a series about a pair of guys who steal cars and pose dramatically… » 5/02/11 4:45pm 5/02/11 4:45pm